G.F. Handel | Messiah

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And the Glory of the Lord
And He Shall Purify
Oh Thou that Tellest Good Tiding to Zion
For Unto Us a Child is Born
Glory to God
His Yoke is Easy, and His Burden is Light
Behold the Lamb of God
Surely He hath Borne our Griefs
And with His Stripes we are Healed
All we Like Sheep Have Gone Astray
He Trusted in God that He would Deliver Him
Lift up your Head, O ye Gates
Let all the Angels of God Worship Him
The Lord Gave the Word
Break forth into joy (How beautiful are the feet, version II)
Their Sound is Gone out into all Lands
Let us Break their Bonds Asunder
Since by Man came Death
But Thanks be to God
Worthy is the Lamb
Blessing and honour
And with his stripes

Helene Wold, soprano
Siv Oda Hagerupsen, mezzo-soprano
Fredrik Akselberg, tenor
Tor-Petter Aanes, bass

Øystein Jæger, piano

Recorded in Store Studio, Mediegården, Bodø, Norway 2009-2010

Recording engineer: Hallstein Sandvin
Edited and mixed by Hallstein Sandvin
Producer: Mikael Rönnberg
Animation: Jan Ivar Nilsen
MIDI editing: Mikael Rönnberg & Jan Ivar Nilsen
Digital engraving: Courthouse Music, Sweden




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